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Betsy Ann & Ian have 2 MaltiTzu puppies born 4-19-2014

SOLD, Doll Baby,white female to Thala Enzor

photo here

Teddy Bear, gold with black tipping male available for $650.00

Remember & Davinci have 6 MaltiTzu puppies

born 5-16-2014

they are just opening their eyes,  photos coming

1. white male available for $650.00

2. white male available for $650.00

3.  gold & white male available for $650.00

4.  gold & white male available for $650.00

5.  gold & white male available for $650.00

6.  gold & white female available for $650.00




  MaltiPoos are our Maltese / Toy Poodle crosses

Malti Tzu are our Maltese / Shih Tzu crosses

For info on each breed click the following link MaltiPoo & Malti Tzu Info


 Prior MaltiPoos & Malti Tzus



And with the last name Poos you have to have more than 1 Poo.  The Poos family now have Gina, the MaltiTzu as well as Samantha.

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