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MaltiPoo puppies born 10-08-2014

will be going home for Christmas


Gracie                                  Sven on left & Gracie on right

   SOLD, Gracie, black female MaltiPoo going home with Renee Maracna in

Lake Worth, FL



SOLD. Sven, black male MaltiPoo to Kristy Orellana in Panama City, FL

SOLD, Olaf, white male MaltiPoo to Van Do in Panama City, FL

SOLD, Anna, black female MaltiPoo to Beth Oltman in Panama City, FL

 Prior MaltiPoos & Malti Tzus



 SOLD, Trudy Star, female Maltitzu to Kathy Swain in Mexico Beach, FL


SOLD, Rocky, white male Maltitzu to Laura Esch and son Conner in Panama City, FL


SOLD, Major, gold & white male Maltitzu to

Cynthia Espinosa and her son Ni in Panama City, FL

  MaltiPoos are our Maltese / Toy Poodle crosses

Malti Tzu are our Maltese / Shih Tzu crosses

For info on each breed click the following link MaltiPoo & Malti Tzu Info




And with the last name Poos you have to have more than 1 Poo.  The Poos family now have Gina, the MaltiTzu as well as Samantha.

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