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Our Puppies are more than Pets... They are Precious Pampered Companions!


2009 will be our 5th year of breeding YorkiPoos.

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We breed 1st & 2nd generation YorkiPoos.  We look forward to bringing you 3rd generation YorkiPoos in the near future.  They really are a universal perfect breed of dog.

Valentine 1st generation YorkiPoo & her 2nd generation daughter Hamming it up for the camera

"POODLES ARE VERY SMART --- often too smart for their own good.  Now cross that intelligence with the  FIESTINESS OF A TERRIER or a sporting dog, and you've got a 


So what is a YorkiPoo you ask?

They are a mixed breed of dog created by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier with a Toy Poodle. Some people are opposed to mixed breeding.  I must agree on most breeds.  I would never change a Shih Tzu.  I love the breed just as it is.  I would not change the German Shepherd and the list goes on and on, but the cold hard truth is that a majority of the breeds we know and love today were created by the interference of us humans cross breeding to create certain physical and temperamental characteristics in a dog. Anyone can take two dogs and cross them and wait for the outcome.  Those of us that are true pioneers and lovers of our four legged companions prefer to research, consult with others and make sure we have healthy sound adults with the right characteristics needed to produce a wonderful outcome from our cross breeding.  Then we monitor and log the results for a better understanding of what we have produced.  Valentine, pictured above is the result of my cross breeding.  I have kept her and she is now over 3 years old.  She produced our first litter of 2nd generation YorkiPoos the end of August 2006.  Our 2nd generation puppies are smaller, average 4-5 lbs. As time goes by, I am able to see first hand the personality, health and physical traits of my cross breeding through Valentine and other YorkiPoos I have produced. I am able to see the pros and cons from my cross breeding and compare that with others.  I have talked with breeders and pet owners of YorkiPoos from all across the nation.  There are definite characteristics of this breed. From owners of YorkiPoos I have gotten a average life span of 17 years. Designer Dogs places the average up to 15 years. This is not just something that was a fad and I decided to make money at it.  I researched and chose to be one of those pioneers to do the unreasonable and produce a mixed breed dog.  I look forward to one day years down the road to see the YorkiPoo as a recognized breed. When that day comes about it will only be through the careful and dedicated effort to the perfection of the YorkiPoo by those who truly know and love the breed.  The American Canine Hybrid Club lists the YorkiPoo as one of the top 8 of all crossbreed, designer dogs.

In my opinion, and everyone that has one; the YorkiPoo seems to be the perfect dog.  They  don't shed  because of the Poodle and Yorkie cross; both of which have hair not fur.  They are very sturdy.  They have the stamina of the Yorkie without the hyperactivity. They are not yappy or barky like some toy breeds.  They are extremely intelligent, very happy and quick to learn.  They love to please.  They will play hard but lay in your lap when you want them to.  Every puppy I have sold has slept in the bed all night with no problems. Somehow when you mix the two breeds you get the best of both.  We have a grown YorkiPoo we kept from a litter.  She is my walking billboard I tell people.  She loves puppies and always wants to help out with them.  She has grown the most beautiful long wavy coat. She does lots of tricks and has learned them all without a single treat.  She just likes to please that much.  The YorkiPoo can get in trouble on a rare occasion and when corrected they sulk, knowing they have disappointed you. So positive training works well with this breed.  The YorkiPoo has never met a creature they didn't want to make friends with, so they are great to take with you.  They do bark and warn you though, of something out of the ordinary. This is a good breed that is very resilient and understanding, so can be compatible with children. They do have their limits just like most of us and will let you know if they have had enough, usually with a grumble to be left alone.  They do have an independent nature so training is a must, but what a quick and responsive learner they are as a breed. They play well with large dogs as long as they are not bred to be tiny. They average 5-7 lbs. You can have some that have more of the Terrier markings.  It just depends upon the dominant color genes of the parents. I also feel the markings depend upon whether the male is a Poodle or a Yorkshire Terrier and the dominant color genetics of their parents. This is one factor that will eventually be perfected through long and careful breeding.

One thing is  for sure, THE YORKIPOO IS HERE TO STAY!  











 All our YorkiPoos are registered with the Continental Kennel Club as MISC/YORKIE-POODLE.